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Cleavers (Galium aparine) is popular in various parts of the world, especially in North Africa, Southern Africa, and Asia. The history of cleavers stretches as far back as the Ancient Greeks, who consumed it to counter weariness, whereas country folks have used its creeping, straggling stems to make baskets or sieves.



Other Names:  clivers, “bort”, bedstraw, goosegrass, catchweed, stickyweed, stickybud, sticky willy, and grip grass among many more.

Cleavers is a cooling mildly diuretic (makes you urinate) remedy that reduces heat in the urinary tract, making it a wonderful antiseptic herb for inflamed urinary tissues.  It can be valuable for cystitis because cleavers cools and moistens. The herb is also a good remedy for burning urination, weak, tired kidneys, and clearing urinary tract grit, gravel and calcium deposits. Cleavers nourishes and moves the lymphatic system; good for tonsillitis, swollen glands, mononucleosis, swollen prostate, sore and tender breasts.

Susan Weed

 Dropperful doses of this tincture relieve PMS, ease tender breasts, and encourage the lymphatic system to work harder, thus relieving edema, relieves tender, swollen breasts, PMS symptoms, and allergic reactions. Its antispasmodic actions are concentrated in the mucus surfaces of the urinary and digestive systems, make it an ideal ally for those dealing with IC and IBS.

In Chinese medicine cleavers are used to disperse stagnancy and inflammation and for urinary problems. It is known traditionally for treating problem skin and flushing the lymph and kidneys. Cleavers is an excellent first aid herbal remedy.

LYMPHATIC HEALER: Cleanses and tones the lymph, relieves swollen glands, tonsillitis,

DIURETIC: Flushing and decongesting to the kidneys and urinary system, treats cystitis and water retention.

BLOOD CLEANSER: Purifies and detoxifies the blood.

SKIN HEALER: Astringent and Antiseptic, treats irritation, inflammation, wounds and burns, eczema, psoriasis, boils skin irritation. Just put a few drops on a cotton ball and use on the infected area

Ingredients: Fresh Cleavers, Vodka

Usual dosage of tincture is 20-40 drops of the fresh plant tincture daily – To take Cleavers tincture: Take up to 2-4ml, up to 3 times a day in a glass of water or tea. 

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