Ground Ivy Tincture


Its great for dealing with allergy attacks.

Ground Ivy (glechoma hederacea) proves to be a handy little plant, with antihistaminic properties useful with allergies, runny nose, and congestion. You needn’t build it up in your system to prevent allergies; ground ivy can be used for instant symptom relief.


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Ground Ivy is an aromatic, perennial, evergreen creeper of the mint family Lamiaceae.

Other Names: Ale-hoof, Cat’s foot, Creeping Charlie, Gill-over-the-ground, Gillrun, Hay maids, hedge maids.

Ground ivy has a long history of use in alternative medicine and as an edible herb, dating back to the first century A.D. it was long considered a cure-all. Known for its high vitamin C content, it is said to be one of the first herb and edible plants brought to the North American continent by early settlers.

Ground Ivy is Anti-allergenic, Antibacterial, Anti-flu, Antihistaminic, Anti-inflammatory, Antioxidant, Antiseptic, Antispasmodic, Antiviral, Cancer-Preventive, Expectorant, Immune-stimulant, and Sedative.

Ground Ivy has been used as an appetite stimulant. It also contains a volatile oil which aids in relieving congestion and inflammation of mucous membranes associated with colds, flu, and sinusitis. It can be taken internally (by mouth) for ear aches, infections and for colds that start in the ears.

Ground-Ivy is being studied for use in preventing Leukemia, Bronchitis, Hepatitis, many kinds of cancer, and HIV. The fresh juice or a medicinal tea is used to treat digestive disorders, gastritis, acid indigestion, and diarrhea. It is also beneficial for liver and kidney function, said to relieve gravel and stones. Although results are not conclusive, it is being used as an antidote for lead poisoning.


“People take ground ivy for mild lung problems, coughs, and bronchitis. They also take it for arthritis and other joint pain, ringing in the ears (tinnitus), stomach problems, diarrhea, hemorrhoids, bladder infections, bladder stones, and kidney stones. Women take it for menstrual (period) problems.


“Usual dosage of tincture is 5-10 drops in a glass of water (or hot tea if you are concerned about the minute amount of alcohol) up to three times daily.”

Ingredient: Ground Ivy, Vodka

Epilepsy or another seizure disorder: Don’t use ground ivy if you have epilepsy or a history of seizures.

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